Catwalk of fibres

The Department of Forest Products Technology is one of the four departments of Aalto University School of Chemical Technology. It is the leading unit in research and higher education in the forest products technologies in Europe and globally, with an average of 60 M.Sc. and 8-10 D.Sc. degrees annually.

Finite fossil fuel reserves and their negative impact on the environment require the shift from fossil to bio-renewable carbon feedstock. However, the recalcitrant nature of lignocellulose prevents access to its molecular building blocks. It is thus the general goal of our department to develop efficient pretreatment and fractionation processes to gain access to the native biopolymers for subsequent chemical transformation. Besides the development of valorization routes for lignin and hemicelluloses, the main emphasis of our department is placed on the development of high-quality fiber products from lignocellulose and cellulose, highlighted as the Catwalk of Fibers:




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